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Thank you for visiting our website. We are honoured to invite you to the inaugural International Youth Conference on Human Rights.

The conference seeks to bring together young people from around the world to learn, to support and to raise human rights issues. Based on the results from the past efforts, current actions and results, together we seek to find the most relevant, suitable solutions for a free Vietnam. Simply put, how can we realistically “make a difference” collectively within our ability, capacity.

To register for the Conference, please click on this registration link:

The foundation also appreciates your generous support in sharing the administrative costs involved in organising the conference of this size and extent.

The fund raised for this campaign will go towards:

  • travel expenses contributions for guest speakers: $5,000
  • sponsorship for student attendees: $10,000
  • costs subsidies for delegates from disadvantaged backgrounds: $5,000

With you generous support, we can make it possible for the above delegates from all walks of life to attend the conference. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

If you can help in any way, either as a sponsor of any category of sponsorship or major prize or activity or even certain day’s sessions for the conference, please get in touch with us via

Thank you sincerely! Your contribution certainly helps us go a long way towards promoting freedom, democracy and social justice. Please discuss with us your sponsorship needs. Also let us know if you would like a tax receipt for your sponsorship. All sponsorship are tax deductible (for Australians only).

With gratitude!



We currently are only able to accept donations via “direct bank transfer” with the below bank account details. For reference purposes, please use your name as your transfer reference and also please send us an email so we can send a thank you and receipt acknowledgement. 

We sincerely thank you for your generosity and support!

Bank account details:

Account name: The International Youth Movement For Human Rights foundation Ltd

BSB: 065-139

Account number: 1110 8942


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Our address:

The International Youth Movement For Human Rights

3/25 Wiltshire Street

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