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The Giving Tree: An Unforgettable Classic

The Giving Tree

By International Youth Movement for Human Rights


Giving is a virtue of humanity.


The Giving Tree, an unforgettable classic that moved generations, offers an interpretation on the gift of giving and a serene acceptance of another’s capacity to love in return.


The International Youth Movement for Human Rights resonates deeply with The Giving Tree’s theme of giving. We present to you the final products of The Giving Tree Project, including a bilingual book as a pdf and separate Vietnamese and English version as YouTube videos.


We wish to share Shel Silverstein’s classic story with you all in both English and Vietnamese, which is especially beneficial for bilingual learners.


The Giving Tree Project is the first of our creative projects to come.


These products are designed for educational purposes, and are free of charge. However, any donations would be welcome as they would be used to fund for other upcoming creative projects, which include supporting our creative artists, writers and technicians.


All donations can be made via Paypal account


You can download different products of The Giving Tree as below:


The Giving Tree: as digital/video book


Narration in English


Narration in Vietnamese


The Giving Tree: as pdf file in bilinqual (English and Vietnamese)


in printable format (English and Vietnamese)


Finally, we love to hear your feedback on our products and services. Let us know how you truly feel, and how we can improve the things we do. Please take a few minutes of your time to write us your thoughts.


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