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Take action together to boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

The three values of Olympism are excellence, friendship and respect. They constitute the foundation on which the Olympic Movement builds its activities to promote sport, culture and education with a view to building a better world (from the Olympic website).


Clearly what the Chinese Communist Party stands for are against these values. As the organiser of the 2022 Winter Olympic, the CCP is purely a self-interested political party who seeks nothing but power (hard, soft as well as sharp), and who would give no weight or consideration to excellence, friendship or respect. The CCP’s treatment of its own people and its brutal and deceptive behaviour towards ethnic minorities in China, as well as people and countries in the region and the rest of the world clearly demonstrate that it undermines excellence, friendship and respect. The CCP is a friend to none and has no respect to others.


Boycotting Winter Olympic Beijing 2022 is the only, and most effective, way to send a strong message to Beijing that there will be serious consequences for their oppressive behaviour and inhuman actions.


If you believe in this cause, we urge you to take action in lobbying your government, your political leaders (Congressmen/Member of Parliaments/Senators), the media and also sponsors (Olympic partners such as Airbnb, or even local businesses) to support this boycott campaign. The campaign (No Beijing 2022) has increasingly received wider support from political actors and human rights organisations around the world. But there is no room for complacency now. The success of this campaign depends largely on your active support and participation in the next few months.


Here are three simple steps for you to get involved.

  • First, select the right sample letter below (out of three); please do all three if possible;
  • Second, find out the contact details of the people or entities (see suggestions below);
  • Third, send your letter via email (or by post), whichever convenient.


To Sample letters Contact
Government Open letter to governments For Australian and New Zealand government: Copy and send the letter via email, or print them out and send by post, to Prime Minister (or head of state) of each country. Remember to copy the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in your correspondence.


For other countries, please find out your government’s contact details and contact them whichever way convenient for you.


National politicians Letter to national politicians For Australian politicians: If you don’t know your electorate representative, please follow the instructions below


Click here to find all 76 Senators or 151 Members of Parliament (MPs).




Simply click here to search for both Senators or MPs. Simply enter Name, Postcode or Electorate.


For New Zealand: click here to find out details of all 120 MPs.


Australia and New Zealand’s MPs make their email addresses available to the public (click on Connect to find out details), but not Senators.


However, you can contact a Senator via the web, click on Form of your representative, fill in details and copy and paste the intended letter into the Form.


Sponsor Letter to Olympic sponsors


There are 15 Olympic partners that you can send the letter to. Please review the sample letter and choose the suitable part for your target.


Or other businesses that you are aware which may be contemplating to sponsor for activities related to Winter Olympic Beijing 2022.


Media Not all media, particularly ethnic media, are fully aware of this No Beijing 2022 campaign. If you have update information on No Beijing 2022 campaign and have connection with local community/ethnic media, please share relevant information and request to broadcast them to raise community awareness.
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