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Ideas, collaborations and alliances are keys

Remarks by Teresa Ngoc Kieu Tran

(Vietnamese version: translated by Le Minh Trung)

Victims of Communist Regime of China: Retrospect and Prospect

February 27 – 28, 2021, Canberra


Ladies and gentlemen,


First of all, a big thank you to the organising committee for this opportunity to share some of my thoughts on this very important topic: Victims of Communist Regime of China: Retrospect and Prospect.



I think all of us here understand deeply the legacy of communism worldwide. Victims of communism have been estimated, by some studies, to be around 100 million, or more. That is close to the number of casualties of World Wars I and II combined.


Clearly communism is not the only evil force in this world, but most definitely it propagates by far the worst kind of crimes against humanity.


In Vietnam, where I came from, the Vietnamese Communist Party/VCP has also caused mass atrocities. The VCP has continued its gross human rights violations over the past 7 decades. What is most striking about this is that the VCP had learned and applied much of their horrendous tactics from Leninist – Stalinist – Maoist – and now Xi Jinping authoritarian systems. Very much copycat. The sad thing is, while communism, as a political ideology, was intrinsically a history in most parts of the world after the Cold War, the Vietnamese Communist Party has continued to follow very much the path that the Chinese Communist Party has been charting.


What is the CCP doing, one may ask?


Right now, the CCP not only continues to silence all dissidents, but also anyone that challenges or threatens its authoritarian political system. This heavy handed and deadly, absolute power and control, applies across its 55 ethnic groups.  This includes the Han Chinese, the Tibetans, Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and so on. Last year, China passed Hong Kong’s national security law to diminish Hong Kong’s autonomy and to silence all dissidents. The CCP’s eyes are on Taiwan now, and it threatens to use force if required.


True to its stance against religion, which Karl Marx himself considered as “opium of the people”, the CCP seeks to purge the faith of the people. The CCP does not tolerate organised opposition or any other political parties. Free speech is suppressed by the state and online content is monitored and blocked by the ‘Great Firewall’ if deemed sensitive. The CCP aims to control the whole population through the ‘Social Credit System’.


I guess you all know about this, or probably much more than I do.


The alarming thing is that the CCP wants to export this system to other parts of the world.


So, what can we do about this?


I think the seminar like this is an important forum to exchange ideas, to build collaborations and to form alliance to fight against threats to humanity. I note that tomorrow we will have a number of speeches from China experts like Professor Clive Hamilton and Professor Chongyi Feng. Professor Clive Hamilton has written extensively to expose how the CCP is determined to mould the world in its own image, in his various books and articles. So I look forward to learning more about how we can work together to expose the CCP’s hidden hand, its covert influence operations in Australia and worldwide.



In my opinions, it is only through networking, collaboration and alliance that we, the free-willed people who appreciate the values of human rights and democracy, can work together to send a strong message to the world that the CCP is a threat to not only 1.4 billion people in China but also to the rest of humanity. The people of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and indeed Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle-East, North America, Africa etc. all need to remain wary of what the CCP tries to achieve in the coming decades, particularly as it hopes to celebrate big for its 100 years anniversary in 2049.


As long as the CCP remains in power and continues its current agenda, we must be in this together to not only defend our freedom but, indeed, to protect our ways of life. The life that is free from all sorts of interference imposed by the CCP everywhere they reach. It is never too late to do the right thing, but I think we should do it sooner rather than later, as the stakes are too high.


Thank you for listening and looking forward to further discussions with you.

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