LET’S MARCH TOGETHER – The International Youth Movement


By Lê Minh Trung

During the year 2019, the International Youth Movement for Human Rights (IYMHR) had always been following up on progress of human rights throughout the world. One of the most prominent events during this time was the many protests in Hong Kong started up by the young people who were supported by the population. Together they marched down the streets to ask for freedom and democracy for Hong Kong, and to protest against the new extradition law of deporting the Hong Kong people to China mainland.


From many countries in the world, Hongkongers gathered together to march, protest against the government of Hong Kong, to condemn the drafts they made out to follow the directives of Communist China preconizing the oppression of freedom and democracy of this autonomous zone before the end of the 50 year treaty (1997-2047) that China signed with England in 1997.


In Sydney, members of the Youth Movement have also followed closely the events related to these demonstrations, and stood alongside with the Hong Kong people to support their condemnation of the Hong Kong government and police, and particularly the government of China.


On 29 September 2020, in black uniform, wearing black masks, our Youth Movement members joined the cortege of demonstrators in Sydney alongside the young people of Hong Kong and of many other ethnics and supporters at the rally at Sydney Town Hall. Before the rally, the Youth Movement had already joined the Vietnamese Community in NSW in another rally to condemn the violation of human rights perpetrated by the communist government of China and the Vietnamese communist party.


In the boiling atmosphere of the flame demanding freedom, human rights for Hong Kong, the Movement has composed the song “March Down the Streets” (Xuống Đường”).


With the spirit of fighting and exhorting everyone to join the fighting, the Movement invites everyone to join in singing this song.





All the population march down the streets

Young people together stand up

Hong Kong is marching down the streets

Together with all the population we march down the streets

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