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About This Website

Dear all,


The International Youth Movement for Human Rights (IYMHR) is a non-profit organization striving to improve the human rights situation in Vietnam, which has been severely violated by the Vietnamese Communist Government.


Founded in 2016 by human rights activist Teresa Tran and her friends in an attempt to raise awareness amongst youth around the globe, IYMHR are advocates for freedom, democracy, and human rights in the countries where these three essential pillars are non-existent.


Countries that are governed by dictatorships such as the authoritarian communist regime, who do not value the basic rights of their citizens, cause endless suffering to their citizens. The toxic ideology of communism under these regimes actively prevents the development and progress of human rights activities.



Therefore, IYMHR has created this website to stand strong against oppression and censorship, to preserve important information and valuable documents needed to further its greater plan to promote global human rights.


This IYMHR website will be a strong bridge connecting all youths around the world, particularly the Vietnamese youths, to help them be a voice for voiceless, and to advocate for every person who is denied their basic human freedoms and protections. The IYMHR website will bring many effective programs and promotional tools to all courageous freedom loving youths, to help them take appropriate and impactful actions for actualizing a world of freedom, democracy, and human rights.


Youths internationally are taking on more notable and influential roles: from protecting the  global environment (which is a heritage for all generations) to social, political, and human rights activism, including cultural protection, IT entrepreneurship, and striving for a world of equality, dignity and humanity. Throughout history youth have been creative and courageous agents for positive change.


We hope to engage youths who will become involved and receive our support , especially those living in Vietnam who are in need of encouragement and mentorship. Please get in touch with us!


The IYHMR is extremely grateful to our mentors, members, supporters, and all youths for being with us through in the challenges of the past four years. We are looking forward to receiving more members and supporters in order to achieve our ultimate vision: to create a world of equality, humanity, and respect.


Thank you for your passion and support for this common vision. We wish you all peace, encouragement, and compassion for contributing towards building the world a better place through human rights front. We cannot remain silent about the acts and ideology that erode the very foundation of humanity. This world NEEDS us! Our country NEEDS us! We all need each other to make the world a better place.


Yours sincerely,


Teresa Tran

On behalf of IYMHR

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We work towards ensuring a life free from inequality and discrimination for every human.
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